Why you need shutters this Winter

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As well as standing out from more traditional window furnishes, plantation shutters offer a full range of benefits which simply means you can’t afford to miss out.

Our shutters our bespoke and so we can fit almost any frame meaning that the shutters are personal to you.

Furthermore, they’re great for insulation – so when those cold nights roll around, your shutters will actually help keep the heat in.

They’re preferred to curtains as if you have a radiator underneath your window, as opposed to heat being trapped underneath the curtain, the shutters allow the heat to circulate.

Along with helping to control the heat, shutters also offer great light control and can be manoeuvred to control the ambience of the room.

Shutters are easily adaptable, you can choose to have the top half your louvre open or even just a quarter – giving you full control.

If you would like to request a quote, please call 0208 977 4627 or email info@shutterwise.co.uk.

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