Introducing the world’s best selling shutter, Antigua

Antigua shutters are custom crafted to the highest quality. Offering high quality, moisture-resistant, wood composite material that combines durability, style and affordability.

This hardwearing range of shutters can sustain its beautiful aesthetics and functionality even with the traffic and wear a busy family home brings. And not only that, but they are also easy to clean and maintain.

There’s a reason its called “engineered wood”

Made from eco-friendly material, wood composite production involves very little waste, made from rapid growth trees with up to 95% of every tree utilised. The wood used to produce the MDF is sourced from sustainable plantations in Australia, New Zealand and Chile, and the MDF used has an extremely low formaldehyde E-Zero rating.

As wood is the primary raw material used to make Antigua shutters, they exhibit very low thermal conductivity. They provide outstanding insulation helping to keep homes cooler in the warm summer months and nice and snug during the chilly winters.

The unique shutter styles are reinforced by laminated veneer inserts made by multiple layers of permanently bonded hardwoods. Antigua shutter wood composite core is then overlaid with a hardwearing patented Polypropylene PP coating with a UV inhibitor giving extra protection against scratching, staining, chipping, and heat damage.

Built to last a lifetime

Antigua shutters are built to last a lifetime and they’ve been offering 20+ years of trouble-free operation and enjoyment in countless homes worldwide.

Antigua shutters offer industry-leading quality from an industry-leading supplier and produced by the best manufacturer in the world.

There’s a reason why it’s the world’s best selling shutter.


Antigua takes the classic tier-on-tier look and brings it right up to date. Featuring two rows of shutters, with the upper and lower tiers separately openable, this combination of shutters is the ultimate solution for privacy and flexibility.

Antigua in the bedroom

Nothing beats a great night’s sleep, and with Antigua there’s no easier way. With so many different configurations possible, it’s simple to find the perfect balance of privacy and light ingress. Antigua’s low thermal conductivity makes them a great choice if you want to conserve heat in the winter and keep heat out in the summer.

Antigua shutters for your bay window

Antigua makes the perfect solution for your bay window coverings. They boast robust construction and are available in several different formats, including café style, tier on tier and full-height.

For inspiration

Looking for inspiration? Here are some ways our customers have successfully integrated Antigua shutters into their lounges, dining rooms, bay windows, bedrooms and home offices.

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