Antigua is our entry-level plantation shutter allowing those with a limited budget the opportunity of enjoying the benefits and enjoyment of having plantation shutters. Made from MDF covered with a painted polymer coating these shutters are very durable and easy to maintain.   Our MDF is a robust, hardwearing material making this product good for families with children.


  • High quality MDF material
  • Available in 6 shades of white
  • Available in 5 louvres sizes from 47mm to 114mm
  • Not suitable for large spaces or special shapes
  • Custom colours not available in this material


Location & Use

Antigua is very hard-wearing making it a great choice for children’s playrooms and busy areas in your home. There are some limitations as to where Antigua shutters can be installed and what panel configurations can be used. Only linear special shapes can be manufactured in the Antigua, curved special shapes cannot.