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Beautiful shutters designed and installed. Local family business since 2013.

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    A trusted, local family business

    We design and install made to measure high quality window shutters. We offer a variety of materials, styles and colours to suit every window or door. Melissa, the owner offers a full consultation and fitting service and is committed to delivering a personal 1-2-1 service along with a high quality product at a competitive price. We have become the go-to shutter installation company in Hampton.

    Hampton Hill is in the popular north-eastern corner of Hampton, bordering Teddington and Fulwell, with terraces of thriving specialist shops and restaurants. There are many different styles of properties in this area, all of which suit our beautiful plantation shutters.

    Our plantation shutters can be crafted in many different shapes, styles and come in a large range of louvre sizes and colours. There are 6 different material options to suit every budget. However no matter which material you choose you can be assured that ShutterWise plantation shutters are all designed and handcrafted to the highest possible standards.

    Latest information from the ShutterWise team

    Energy bills are rising very rapidly
    Are Shutters Energy Efficient?
    450 450 Laura Polito

    If you are looking to improve the energy efficiency of your home, reduce your carbon footprint, whilst adding a statement feature, window shutters are the perfect solution. With temperature spikes becoming more regular in the UK, and the cost of energy spiralling, we need to think of better ways to reduce the heat in our homes during the summer months…

    Shutters for bay windows
    Are Shutters a Good Fit for Bay Windows?
    1000 1000 Melissa Hawkins

    Shutters are an elegant and practical window furnishing choice. However, many people think you can’t have shutters because they have bay windows. In fact, shutters are a great solution and can easily be fitted to any style of bay window.

    Shutters and curtains together
    Shutters vs Curtains – Which is Best?
    650 485 Laura Polito

    Window shutters are becoming increasingly popular in the UK. So why are we choosing shutters over traditional curtains and what benefits do shutters offer?

    Window Shutters
    Shutters and Blinds for Ultimate Control
    960 1024 Laura Polito

    It’s now British summer time, and as the mornings and evenings get lighter, it’s a good time to think about windows and how to get the maximum sunlight into your home without overwhelming your rooms with heat and glare. Studies have shown that people generally have a preference for daylight over artificial light sources, as it can have a positive…

    ShutterWise Christmas Offer
    Take advantage of our Xmas offer!
    500 350 Melissa Hawkins

    We know it’s early but at Shutterwise we’re getting into the festive swing of things with our Pre-Christmas deliver cut-off offer. If you order your luxury plantation shutters by Tuesday October 10th, use the discount code: ShutterwiseXmas01 for 15% off. What better way to finish your lounge off than with our beautiful range of shutters that add style and light…

    Cafe style shutters
    Shutter Fitter Required
    1024 768 Laura Polito

    We are hiring! Shutterwise is looking for an experienced shutter fitter to work in Hampton and surrounding areas. We are a small, yet expanding, local company who can offer flexible hours at highly competitive rates. If you would like more information, please email melissa@shutterwise.co.uk or call 07595 450 849. Experienced shutter fitter required Small expanding local company Highly competitive rates…

    Finding Elegance: Window Shutters for a Timeless Window Solution
    1024 768 Laura Polito

    In the bustling city of London, where every detail contributes to the aesthetic appeal of your home, finding the perfect window solution is an important consideration. Amidst the myriad of options, one timeless choice stands out – Window Shutters. These elegant additions not only enhance the allure of your living space but also offer practical benefits that stand the test…

    Celebrating 10 years
    ShutterWise – a Decade of Light and Style
    684 684 Laura Polito

    We’re raising a glass to celebrate the remarkable journey of ShutterWise as we mark our 10th anniversary! What began as an idea to brighten homes in South and West London with elegant and practical window solutions has now flourished into a leading shutter installation company. It’s been a decade of hard work, learning, constant refinement of our processes and continual…

    Window Shutters
    Five Shutter Styles to Give You Choices
    768 1024 Melissa Hawkins

    At ShutterWise we think that it’s great to have choices. Your home is a very personal thing, so we believe it is essential to provide you with a range of options to suit your needs. Our shutter styles are not just about aesthetics they also differ to suit the type of windows that you have. Read on to find out…

    Light and bright shutters
    Can Shutters Keep Heat In?
    451 450 Melissa Hawkins

    If you’re like most people, when you think of shutters, you probably think of them as mainly a visual element – something that helps to complete your interior design and give your home character and charm. But did you know that shutters can also help to keep heat in during the winter months? That’s right – by installing shutters on…

    Perfect Fit Conservatory blinds
    Finding Your Perfect Fit: The Ultimate Guide to Perfect Fit Blinds
    1024 749 Laura Polito

    Perfect Fit blinds are precisely what their name suggests – they provide a perfect fit for your windows. Unlike traditional blinds that require drilling and screwing into the window frame or wall, Perfect Fit blinds are designed to neatly clip into place, eliminating the need for any drilling or screws. This makes them an ideal choice for patio doors, skylights,…

    Sun streaming into a hot room
    How Shutters and Blinds Can Help You Beat Climate Change
    1024 683 Melissa Hawkins

    UK homes are getting warmer and it’s predicted that climate change will create a cooling challenge Here in the UK, heatwaves are becoming more common and this is causing our homes to heat up. This can be very uncomfortable for the inhabitants and can also lead to health issues such as heatstroke and dehydration. A recent report from the Climate…

    Shutters in bed room bay window
    Why Choose Shutters?
    768 1024 Melissa Hawkins

    When you’re thinking about new window coverings the choice can be overwhelming. From curtains to blinds and shades, the options seem endless. However, amidst the sea of choices one classic option stands out, interior shutters. These timeless additions to your home really are the gold standard. They are a fantastic choice, bringing together classic style, practicality and longevity that exude…

    Shutters for French doors
    Classic Appeal: Selecting Shutters for French Doors
    1024 768 Laura Polito

    French doors exude classic elegance, adding a touch of sophistication to any space. When it comes to enhancing their appeal, selecting the right window treatments is essential. Among the myriad of options available, shutters stand out as a timeless choice that perfectly complements the charm of French doors. Let’s delve into why shutters are the ideal choice and how to…

    Albaro blinds range
    Introducing Our Genoa Collection of Venetian Blinds
    800 536 Laura Polito

    Introducing our Genoa collection of Venetian blinds Our new collection of Venetian blinds combines quality, style and high end aesthetics.  Our premium range consists of Serino hardwood blinds and Albaro faux wood blinds. Features Tightest slat closure on the market for increased black out capabilities Superior lift and tilt system for smooth operation Meets all safety stands compliant with BS…

    Antigua tier-on-tier shutters from ShutterWise
    Antigua Engineered Wood Shutters: The World’s Best-Selling Shutters
    1024 1024 Laura Polito

    In the realm of interior design, window treatments play a pivotal role in shaping the feel and character of a space. Among the choice of options available, shutters stand out for their timeless appeal and versatility. When it comes to quality shutters that effortlessly combine good looks and functionality, Antigua Engineered Wood Shutters emerge as a top choice for homeowners…

    Premium made-to-measure shutters brochure
    Download Our Latest Brochure
    1024 1018 Melissa Hawkins

    Our 2023 plantation shutters brochure is available to download now. Packed with great ideas and inspiration for your new look interior. Download the brochure.

    Christmas shutter installation
    Christmas 2020 – Order Now!
    1024 739 Laura Polito

    Order in time for Xmas Transform your house in time for the cosy Christmas season. Now is a great time to think about the colder winter months and transforming your house with shutters. Our shutters come in a wide range of materials and colours. From premium hardwoods to affordable MDF options, we have a solution for beautiful, long-lasting shutters for…

    Bathroom shutter installation
    Why you need shutters this Winter
    500 350 Melissa Hawkins

    As well as standing out from more traditional window furnishes, plantation shutters offer a full range of benefits which simply means you can’t afford to miss out. Our shutters our bespoke and so we can fit almost any frame meaning that the shutters are personal to you. Furthermore, they’re great for insulation – so when those cold nights roll around,…

    Summer has arrived! Get your home and windows ready
    638 405 Melissa Hawkins

      For most of us, our favourite season has arrived. The warm weather is finally here, and hopefully, it’s going to stay. Generally, we only think about preparing our home for the cold winter months but summer also offers its own challenges. Fortunately, there are steps you can take with your windows to help out during the warm weather. Protect…

    White Shutters
    Why Are Shutters So Energy Efficient?
    1024 768 Laura Polito

    Homes are much warmer these days. Here in London, we experience temperatures up to 10c warmer than the rest of the UK, due to the Urban Heat Island effect which causes the sun’s rays to be absorbed by hard surfaces and reflected back, rather than being soaked up naturally. Keeping our homes comfortable is on all our minds, both in…

    Tier-on-tier shutters
    What Are Plantation Shutters?
    450 321 Melissa Hawkins

    Plantation shutters date back several centuries but are still incredibly popular today due to their versatility and the way they work seamlessly with almost any interior design – modern or traditional. They consist of louvres (slats) which are most commonly made of wood and fixed within a frame. The frame in turn is fixed to the inside of the window.…

    Shutters added to a window
    There’s a colour for everyone at ShutterWise
    1024 768 Melissa Hawkins

    At ShutterWise we understand that when selecting new shutters, it is all about personal preference. You want your windows to look great, and more importantly, you want them to fit in and match the rest of your home. That’s why our plantation shutters are available in 28 contemporary colours and 20 stains, which come in gloss, standard and matt finishes.…

    Half open window shutters
    Save Money On Energy Bills With Window Shutters
    681 1024 Melissa Hawkins

    Rising energy bills In case you hadn’t noticed, there’s something of an energy crisis going on at the moment. The cost of living is skyrocketing. Energy bills are not just going up, they are reaching levels never seen before. Despite intervention from the government to help us pay our bills, we’re all looking for ways to save money this winter.…

    Cafe style shutters
    What are the Different Types of Shutters?
    1024 683 Melissa Hawkins

    Window shutters are an elegant, durable solution to window dressing and add a sophisticated finish to your interior design scheme. They allow you to easily adjust the light in a room while still providing privacy. In addition, window shutters offer extra insulation, soundproofing and security. Whether you live in a modern or traditional home, window shutters combine practicality with style…

    Home cinemas are one reason people want blackout shutters
    Are Shutters Blackout?
    1024 768 Melissa Hawkins

    A question we are often asked is: “Will installing shutters help to block out 100% of the light from outside?” There are many reasons for wanting completely dark rooms, from health to comfort, but whatever the reason, it’s useful to understand how much light shutters can block. So, let’s find out! Why is it important to have dark rooms? Sleep…

    Shut out the cold and save 20%
    689 517 Melissa Hawkins

    Happy New Year from ShutterWise! What a fantastic end to the decade fireworks galore and parties everywhere! This winter we want to help not only warm your home but also warm your heart with our massive 20% saving across all of our shutters. Shutters are not only a fantastic investment for this winter, but they will also serve your home…

    What makes Shutterwise different?
    500 350 Melissa Hawkins

    We are an established family-run business that specialises in Plantation Shutters.  Our company values are based on a personal, one to one experience and a commitment to provide our customers with a high quality service along with the highest quality products at competitive prices. Along with an excellent and personal service, our products are  manufactured in the only ISO Accredited…

    Bay Brilliance: Enhance Your Windows with Stylish Shutter Blinds for Bay Windows
    1024 768 Laura Polito

    Are you looking to elevate the aesthetics of your home’s bay windows while enjoying enhanced functionality and privacy? Look no further than shutter blinds designed specifically for bay windows. At ShutterWise, we offer a stunning range of shutter blinds tailored to complement the unique architectural features of bay windows, providing both style and practicality. Shutter blinds for bay windows are…

    Bedroom Shutters Designed for French Doors
    952 605 Laura Polito

    Are you seeking to add a touch of elegance and functionality to your bedroom? Look no further than bedroom shutters designed specifically for French doors. These versatile window treatments not only enhance the aesthetic appeal of your space but also offer practical benefits that contribute to a more comfortable and inviting atmosphere. At ShutterWise, we understand the importance of creating…