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Shutters Tolworth

Beautiful window shutters designed and installed. Local family business since 2013.

↖ Pictured: shutter installation project in nearby Kingston upon Thames.

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    Shutter installation Tolworth

    A trusted, local family business

    Plantation shutters are a fantastic way to add style and value to your home. Not only do they look great, but they also provide a number of benefits in terms of light and privacy control. In these days of rising energy prices they are also surprisingly energy efficient and can help to keep heat out in the summer and locked in during the cold winter months.

    We design and install made to measure high quality window shutters. We offer a variety of materials, styles and colours to suit every window or door. ShutterWise’s owner Melissa, offers a full consultation and fitting service and is committed to delivering a personal 1-2-1 service along with a high quality product at a competitive price. We have become the go-to shutter installation company in Tolworth.

    Why do we love working in Tolworth? It’s a vibrant part of South West London, with a handy location giving easy access into London and into the Surrey countryside too. The area boasts a mix of housing options, from many modern developments, shop flats, detached and semi-detached houses, terraced properties. It’s very much a family area, full of families wanting to put down roots and improve their homes. Tolworth is also an up and coming area, with many new community developments emerging.

    Whether your home is a Victorian terrace, brand new flat, or 30s semi, shutters are a perfect choice to complement the character and individuality of your home.

    Our plantation shutters can be crafted in many different shapes, styles and come in a large range of louvre sizes and colours. There are 6 different material options to suit every budget. However no matter which material you choose you can be assured that ShutterWise plantation shutters are all designed and handcrafted to the highest possible standards.

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    ShutterWise Tier on Tier

    Tier on tier shutters

    Tier-on-tier are the most versatile of all our plantation shutter ranges, combining the benefits of both full height and café style shutters within a single frame. Independent top and bottom panels allow complete control over light and privacy.

    This style is ideal for larger windows and is most suited to bedrooms and living areas.

    ShutterWise Track Systems

    Track systems

    Our bespoke design process allows for our shutter panels to be designed and configured to find a functional solution to suit all applications from wardrobe doors, room dividers to bi-fold tracked shutters.

    Our technical and design staff will be more than happy to advise you on our comprehensive range of track systems.

    Special shaped shutters

    Special shapes

    For those features such as portholes, angled windows and even glazed gabled walls where traditional coverings such as curtains or conventional blinds are not practical then our shutters offer the ideal solution.
    The flexibility of our shutters allows us to provide an effective covering for even the most unusual shape. Below is a selection of the most popular shapes that our customers ask for.

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