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Shutters for bay windows

Are Shutters a Good Fit for Bay Windows?

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Shutters are an elegant and practical window furnishing choice. However, many people think you can’t have shutters because they have bay windows. In fact, shutters are a great solution and can easily be fitted to any style of bay window.

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Sun streaming into a hot room

How Shutters and Blinds Can Help You Beat Climate Change

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UK homes are getting warmer and it’s predicted that climate change will create a cooling challenge Here in the UK, heatwaves are becoming more common and this is causing our homes to heat up. This can be very uncomfortable for…

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Tier-on-tier shutters

What Are Plantation Shutters?

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Plantation shutters date back several centuries but are still incredibly popular today due to their versatility and the way they work seamlessly with almost any interior design – modern or traditional. They consist of louvres (slats) which are most commonly…

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Cafe style shutters

What are the Different Types of Shutters?

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Window shutters are an elegant, durable solution to window dressing and add a sophisticated finish to your interior design scheme. They allow you to easily adjust the light in a room while still providing privacy. In addition, window shutters offer…

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Shut out the cold and save 20%

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Happy New Year from ShutterWise! What a fantastic end to the decade fireworks galore and parties everywhere! This winter we want to help not only warm your home but also warm your heart with our massive 20% saving across all…

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Summer has arrived! Get your home and windows ready

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  For most of us, our favourite season has arrived. The warm weather is finally here, and hopefully, it’s going to stay. Generally, we only think about preparing our home for the cold winter months but summer also offers its…

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Five Shutter Styles to Give You Choices

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At ShutterWise we think that it’s great to have choices. Your home is a very personal thing, so we believe it is essential to provide you with a range of options to suit your needs. Our shutter styles are not…

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Shutters added to a window

There’s a colour for everyone at ShutterWise

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At ShutterWise we understand that when selecting new shutters, it is all about personal preference. You want your windows to look great, and more importantly, you want them to fit in and match the rest of your home. That’s why…

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What makes Shutterwise different?

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We are an established family-run business that specialises in Plantation Shutters.  Our company values are based on a personal, one to one experience and a commitment to provide our customers with a high quality service along with the highest quality…

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Bathroom shutter installation

Why you need shutters this Winter

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As well as standing out from more traditional window furnishes, plantation shutters offer a full range of benefits which simply means you can’t afford to miss out. Our shutters our bespoke and so we can fit almost any frame meaning…

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