Hardwood venetian blinds

Our pure wood venetian blinds are made from Paulownia hardwood. Like our hardwood shutters it has a smooth grain which gives the blinds a high quality feel. The advantage of using hardwood is that the product is lightweight and durable.

Our blinds come in a range of colours, slat and tape options and they will compliment our planation shutter.


  • Made from Palowina hardwood, long lasting and durable
  • Kiln dried and finished to the highest standards with premium oyster finish
  • Painted with 10 coats of wood finish plus a UV protective layer to resist fading
  • Routeless with no punched holes, reducing light leakage
  • Patented cord consolidator ensures children and pets are kept safe
  • Choose from 14 paint and 19 stain choices
  • Designed to complement our hardwood shutters


Locations and use
  • Spaces not suitable for planation shutters
  • Spaces where you want to keep a window cill
  • Spaces which feature other stained wood products
  • Rooms not prone to condensation
  • Windows with lack of secure fixing points