We offer a stunning range of honeycomb and venetian blinds.  Our blinds are beautiful window coverings to enable light control, they are easy to use and great for energy efficiency.

Our stylish range of blinds compliments our shutter range and are great for windows and doors that may not be suitable for a shutter.

All of our blinds are made to measure, and we will help you to decide which product suits your space, so you get a beautiful finish that suits your home.

Venetian blinds have always been a popular window covering in the UK.  Both our hardwood – Serino range and our faux wood – Albaro range are made out of quality materials to the highest standard of finish.

Our range conforms to the latest European regulations and are in line with the current BBSA guidelines.   All blinds include a safety cord consolidator as standard which ensures safety in homes with curious children and pets.

Our blinds look great in any room or space and gives you easy control over privacy and light.

Our honeycomb blinds are also made to measure to fit your space and window style.   They are suitable for more complex openings such as skylights and French doors.

The design of the honeycomb blinds provides an insulating effect to help keep your home warm whilst closed.   We have a wide range of fabric options and colours to choose from.

Serino Hardwood Venetian Blind

Our beautiful pure wood venetian blinds are made from hardwood.  Like our hardwood shutters they have a smooth grain which gives the blinds a high-quality feel. The advantage of using hardwood is that the product is lightweight, stylish and extremely durable.

Serino blinds range
Albaro blinds range

Albaro Faux Wood Venetian Blind

Albaro is a high-quality faux wood blind that has all the elegance and style of real wood, but is made from a manmade polyvinyl, more practical material which stands up to the daily wear and tear of a family home.

PURE Cell™ Honeycomb blinds

The insulating effect of honeycomb blinds doesn’t just keep your home warm in the winter, however, it also helps keep it cooler during the milder summer months. This efficient insulation means your home can be more energy efficient.

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