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Case Study 2 Full height shutters

Full Height Shutters

Our client has a beautiful Victoria cottage and wanted to finish off her newly renovated living space with shutters that would also provide more privacy from the street. We fitted a full height shutter into a bay. We fitted the shutters onto the outside of the bay, so there was still space behind the shutters to put a vase of flowers into the window. We made the shutters from our high quality MDF, Bermuda range. We used a larger louvre size of 76mm to give a more contemporary feel to the room and to allow the maximum amount of light in.

“A couple of weeks on since Pieter fitted my new shutters I wanted to drop a note to say how delighted I am with them – they really have transformed the living space, & you were so spot on vis a vis them needing to be full height – but also to commend you & Pieter for the exemplary way you conduct your business. It really was a hassle free process where what you said would happen did. Such service is so often lacking in today’s multi media world where people very often forget common courtesies – you have found a way to overcome such glitches & I cannot speak highly enough of the ordering, buying & fitting experience which was spot on from start to finish. I hope your business continues to thrive in the way it truly deserves to !” – March 17

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