Our plantation shutters can be crafted in many different shapes, styles and come in a large range of louvre sizes and colours. There are 6 different material options to suit every budget. However no matter which material you choose you can be assured that ShutterWise plantation shutters are all designed and handcrafted to the highest possible standards.

Fiji new


Our Fiji range is manufactured from premium, sustainable hardwood, Paulowina.  It has a smooth texture is known for the natural beautify of its grain.  Our hardwood is much lighter than the MDF product, so is great for larger windows or multiple shutters being hung together.


Our Java range has been specifically designed for high moisture locations or where the shutters may come into regular contact with water. Crafted from 100% ABS Plastic Java is extremely hardwearing and fully waterproof.  It is the ideal choice for wet-rooms and bathrooms and kitchens.

Installing shutters in bathrooms, wetrooms and shower rooms


The Cuba range is our entry-level hardwood product, that combines a solid hardwood shutter with a mdf frame. Cuba is a lighter product that our MDF range and offers great value for money.   As Cuba is a lighter product it is great for larger windows and doors and it has the ability to hinge 4 panels together rather than 2 with our MDF range.


Our Bermuda range combines ABS louvres with an MDF frame. The shutters are spray finished producing a more natural finish than the standard Antigua shutter, closely resembling the finish of a hardwood shutter.   Because the louvres are made from an ABS product it means the panels are lighter, therefore single panels can be larger that our Antigua range.

Bermuda shutters full height
Antigua living room shutters from ShutterWise


Antigua are the world’s best-selling shutters. They are are built to last a lifetime and have been offering 20+ years of trouble-free operation and enjoyment in countless homes worldwide.

Made from engineered wood from sustainably-grown trees, Antigua is a plantation shutter designed to suit all budgets. Its very low thermal conductivity means that your home is cooler in the summer and warmer in winter. Coated to give fantastic protection against scratching, staining, chipping and heat damage.

Antigua shutters offer industry-leading quality from an industry-leading supplier and produced by the best manufacturer in the world.

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