Shutters and Blinds for Ultimate Control

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It’s now British summer time, and as the mornings and evenings get lighter, it’s a good time to think about windows and how to get the maximum sunlight into your home without overwhelming your rooms with heat and glare.

Studies have shown that people generally have a preference for daylight over artificial light sources, as it can have a positive impact on our biological rhythm, emotional and mental health. As we’re now spending more time at home – working, resting and even learning – it’s more important than ever to create a pleasant and productive atmosphere in the home.

Whether it’s watching TV, working from home, or simply enjoying a meal, shading can play a role in controlling sunlight and enhancing indoor ambience. It can help maintain comfortable levels of daylight throughout the year, regardless of how much sunlight there is.

Getting enough sunlight and controlling glare is vital when working from home

In the UK, we tend to spend most of our time indoors – around 90 per cent of it, in fact. It’s no surprise then, that the quality of our indoor environment has a significant impact on our overall wellbeing, productivity, and efficiency.

Poor indoor ambience can have negative impacts such as taking more sick leave, reduced work performance, and even poor mental health.

Excessive exterior light and glare can also cause visual discomfort, leading to issues like eye strain, headaches, and a general feeling of tiredness.

While sunlight can be great for boosting the appearance and mood of a space, sometimes it can just be too much to handle. This is where blinds and shutters come in – they play an important role in helping us feel more comfortable and productive, both at home and in the workplace.

By using these simple methods, we can still reap the benefits of daylight while keeping it at a comfortable and manageable level. Studies have shown that this can lead to improved quality of life, better sleep, and faster recovery times.

Window Shutters

Another great solution for light control is honeycomb blinds. These are extremely effective at keeping your home warm during the winter months, but also cool during the summer.  This will help you save on your energy bills whilst keeping you snug and cosy all year round. They look great as a form of light control in the lighter months.

These blinds will work in a contemporary or a traditional style home and they come in a number of different fabric and colour options to suit your home design.