Are Shutters a Good Fit for Bay Windows?

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Shutters are an elegant and practical window furnishing choice. However, many people think you can’t have shutters because they have bay windows. In fact, shutters are a great solution and can easily be fitted to any style of bay window.

Shutters in a bay window

Why install shutters in bay windows?

Beautiful as they are, the challenge with bay windows is maintaining privacy while still letting in plenty of bright sunlight. Privacy can be a particular problem with bay windows as passers-by can see in from different angles.

Many people find net curtains and curtains a fussy and outdated solution that doesn’t fit in well with a modern interior design. Blinds are not always the right solution either, as to fit louvre blinds to a bay window, each section needs its own blind which can create a look that’s rather busy and not streamlined enough.

Shutters are the perfect choice for bay windows as each section of window has its own frame and panel, but they are all fitted together to make one, seamless and stylish window dressing. The louvre panels of each section are easily adjusted to create privacy from any angle while still letting in plenty of light.

Shutters look fantastic whether you have a traditional or modern home as they come in a range of styles, colours and materials so you can find the perfect choice to match your décor. They also look fabulous from the outside giving your home an elegant and well-maintained look plus that all-important kerb-appeal – vital if you’re considering selling at some time in the future.

Shutters in a bay window
Tier-on-tier shutters
Shutters for French Doors

Here’s how shutters for bay windows work

Shutters in a square bay window

Shutters in a square bay window

Shutters can be fitted to any type of bay window including square, angled and curved bays. Each section of the window will be fitted with a frame to which the louvre panels will be attached with hinges. This means that you can open the panels for access to the windows so you can easily open, close and clean them.

The frame will be custom-made to match your windows. For example, a mid-rail can be used that runs in line with your existing window frames for a seamless, tailored look.

Each panel is fitted with adjustable louvres. This allows you to adjust the privacy and light levels in your room to suit your needs.

With a curved bay, each window will have its own frame and panel with adjustable louvres. On other styles of bay, a mixture of folding and individual panels can be used to tailor the design to your window configuration.

The louvres can be laid out in any configuration you choose. For example, you can have a separate top and bottom section in each panel. This is called a tier-on-tier configuration. This allows you to close the bottom section for privacy while still allowing light to flood in through the top section.

Once fitted, the shutters will blend in with your window frames and trim can be fitted to ensure a seamless finish.

Shutters are a versatile option

Shutters come in a range of materials and styles so you can find the right style to suit your décor. Many can be painted in a wide range of colours to match your existing colour scheme. Shutters look fabulous both in traditional and contemporary homes adding a touch of elegance to any room.

Shutters for bay windows are a low-maintenance choice

Shutters also offer a low maintenance option that are easy to care for and clean. To clean them you should flip all the louvres one way and then dust with a feather duster. Then flip the louvres the other way and dust again. Do this weekly so that dust does not build up. If shutters do become grimy, they will need to be wiped with a damp cloth.

You can also use hi-tech gadgets such as blind-cleaning tools which have several prongs lined with microfibres so you can clean three or four louvres with one sweep. Perfect for a quick spruce-up!

Quality shutters will last for many years and require little maintenance. Many companies (including ShutterWise) offer a guarantee of five years or more on their shutters, but good quality shutters will usually last much longer than this.

Shutters are made of hard-wearing materials such as hardwood, treated softwood and ABS plastic. A professional shutter company will help you choose the right materials for each room in your house.

Bay window shutters have kerb appeal

Bay window shutters have kerb appeal

Why choose Shutterwise?

Our professional designers and fitters can help you find the perfect shutters for your home whatever style of windows you have from a traditional Victorian bay to sleek Bifold patio doors.

We offer a full consultation and fitting service where we will advise and show you our range of shutters, styles, colours, and accessories, free of charge. We offer a variety of materials, styles and colours to suit every window or door and can customise our shutters to match any colour.

Shutterwise, established ten years ago, is run by Melissa Hawkins. Melissa is committed to providing a quality product and service at an extremely competitive price.