Are Shutters Energy Efficient?

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If you are looking to improve the energy efficiency of your home, reduce your carbon footprint, whilst adding a statement feature, window shutters are the perfect solution.

With temperature spikes becoming more regular in the UK, and the cost of energy spiralling, we need to think of better ways to reduce the heat in our homes during the summer months while keeping the heat in during winter.  Internal window shutters are an excellent solution to both!

Window shutters in the UK have become increasingly popular due to their stylish and enduring visual appeal.

We’ve explored the history of window shutters and looked at why they work so well in homes built in any period. In this article, its shutters’ ability to keep homes cool in the summer months and toasty warm in winter that we’ll be looking into.

Shutters in the sunglight
Cool in the summer and warm in the winter, shutters are an energy efficient means of covering your windows.

Fighting rising energy bills

Energy prices rose by an average of £700 per household in 2022. The cost of both gas electricity is skyrocketing. We’re all looking for ways to keep our bills as low as possible. It’s also better for the environment to use less energy.

Studies have shown that shutter can reduce heat loss by up to 51% – better than roller blinds or curtains. Window shutters add a touch of style to any interior whilst helping you keep your energy bills down.

In summer shutters can be set at an angle to allow a gentle breeze to enter the room while the clever positioning of the slats will stop of accumulation of any heat glare and can block out the sun’s rays. This can reduce the need for costly and noisy electric fans or the installation of an air conditioning system.

Whereas in winter the installation of a second wooden frame which covers the entire glazing acts as an effective barrier to heat loss. Once you’ve had the heating on you need to retain that heat for as long as possible and shutters are brilliant solution for just this. Shutters installed alongside curtains provides a double-whammy of heat-retaining efficiency.

Energy bills are rising very rapidly
Energy bills are rising very rapidly
Energy bills are rising very rapidly

Track shutters are a great choice for patio doors as they can be fully opened or closed depending on the temperature. With tier-on-tier shutters you get even more flexibility because the top and bottom parts can be opened independently.

Honeycomb blinds

If shutters aren’t suitable for your window, another excellent choice for energy efficiency is honeycomb blinds. They also provide a brilliant solution for light control and privacy. And a further option is room darkening or blackout blinds.

What next?

There are many different types of window shutters available on the market, so it is important to choose the right product for your home.

Window shutters can be made from a variety of materials, including wood, plastic, and metal. The type of material you choose will depend on your budget and the look you are trying to achieve. Wooden shutters are a popular choice for many homeowners due to their natural beauty, because they are built to last and overall require less maintenance than other window solutions on the market.

When choosing window shutters for your home, consider the size of your windows and the openings but generally shutters can be fitted to all window types and in all rooms, including bathrooms, kitchens, conservatories and living rooms with bay windows.

Shutters are a great way to improve the energy efficiency of your home and keep your family comfortable all year round.

Honeycomb blinds are an alternative energy efficient window covering