Shutters vs Curtains – Which is Best?

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Window shutters are becoming increasingly popular in the UK. So why are we choosing shutters over traditional curtains and what benefits do shutters offer?

Shutters have been installed in UK properties for centuries. If you’re interested in the backstory, we have researched this in depth, checkout our article What Are Plantation Shutters?

Their popularity is at an all-time high and continuing to grow for a number of reasons. They offer a stylish and elegant alternative to traditional curtains, which can often look dated or frumpy.  Curtain patterns styles go out of date really quickly as trends change from year to year, but shutters just don’t go out of date in the same way. Shutters also provide much better light control than curtains, meaning you can easily adjust the amount of light coming into a room to suit your needs.

Window shutters are the perfect solution to add style and sophistication to your home and can transform and modernise any room in the home.

Shutters vs curtains - which is best?
Hanging curtains

Does this look familiar? With shutters you can wave goodbye to the annual ritual of taking down, washing/drycleaning and rehanging curtains.

Why choose window shutters over curtains?

Plantation window shutters are more durable than curtains, meaning they will last longer and are much easier to keep clean than curtains. No more wobbling about on a ladder to take down your curtains for the annual dry cleaning.

As window shutters are made from solid wood or composite materials that are securely fitted to the frame, they also provide better insulation than curtains, helping to keep your home warm in winter and cool in summer.

Shutters are the best option in summer as they can be completely closed to keep out the sun’s rays, reducing the chances of your furniture becoming sun damaged. In winter the slats can be partially opened to let in some natural light with minimal heat loss.

Curtains, on the other hand, are made from fabric that can fade in direct sunlight and hinders air flow through the house, trapping hot air in summer whilst providing minimal insulation in winter. In fact, plantation shutters became popular in hot, humid climates such as the southern states of America, as an alternative to heavy, heat-trapping curtains.

Do you suffer with allergens in the home?

Window shutters are better able to provide a dust-free environment for allergy sufferers and are easy to keep clean. Curtains can quickly become covered in dust, pollen and other allergens. Pet hair seems to be magically attracted to curtains. All of which can be problematic for allergy sufferers. Whereas shutters offer easy and effective cleaning with no nooks and crannies for dust or dirt to hide in.

Shutting the door on roller blinds?

While roller blinds are another window treatment option, they don’t offer the permanence and rigidity of as plantation shutters. Roller blinds are made from a plastic or fabric material that is rolled up or down to cover the window. They often have an inch of lights spill on either side of the blind and provide no or very little air flow which can create a hot and stuffy environment in the summer months.

Roller blinds can be hard to clean and need to be taken down and dry cleaned. Window shutters, on the other hand, can simply be dusted or wiped clean with a damp cloth making them much easier to keep dust-free. At ShutterWise our materials are specially selected to be really easy to keep dust-free.

So, if you’re looking for a stylish, durable and easy-to-clean, and health-conscious product for your home window shutters are the perfect choice.

Can you have shutters and curtains together?

You certainly can, and many people do. Here’s a photo of one our shutter installation projects where the customer has paired curtains with shutters for ultimate flexibility. It’s the very best way to ensure all light is blocked out and simply offers a choice of window looks depending on your mood and the occasion.

Shutters and curtains together