Bathroom shutter installation

Beautiful shutters for any bathroom

At ShutterWise, we’re experts in installing beautiful, custom shutters for any size of bathroom.

Wondering whether plantation shutters are suitable for bathrooms? Don’t worry, many of our diverse ranges of waterproof shutters are designed specifically for high-moisture areas such as bathrooms.

Take a look at our Java range, for example. Made from ABS plastic, the shutters are not just attractive, they are hardwearing, lightweight, completely water resistant. They are available in a 6 shades of white and louvre widths ranging from 47mm to 114mm.

These are the perfect shutters for bathrooms, wetrooms, shower rooms and kitchens. Anywhere where there’s moisture in the atmosphere, high condensation.

Installing shutters in bathrooms, wetrooms and shower rooms

About ShutterWise

Based in Hampton, Middlesex, ShutterWise is a family business operating since 2013. Our team live locally and know the area well.

We offer a full consultation and fitting service where we will advise and show you our range of shutters, colours and accessories, free of charge.

We would love to come and show you what we can do to transform your home.


    Are shutters suitable for bathrooms?

    They can be. The shutters must be made from hardwearing moisture-resistant and waterproof materials. Take a look at our Java range for example.

    Can shutters be installed in shower rooms and wetrooms?

    The same advice applies. If there is a lot of moisture in the atmosphere, then the shutters must be made from suitable materials. Providing this is the case then there’s no reason why they cannot be installed?

    What if I have odd-shaped windows?

    Don’t worry! ShutterWise are experienced in installations in rooms with unusual shaped windows, including windows which include angles.

    Do you do shutters in other colours than white?

    Yes, our bathroom shutters are available in a range of colours.

    Can you install café-style shutters in bathrooms?

    Yes – in fact café-style or half-height shutters make a great choice for bathrooms where privacy is a concern but you want plenty of light allowed in.

    What are plantation shutters?

    Plantation shutters is just another name for the types of shutters typically seen covering windows throughout South and West London. Originating in the plantations of Southern America, their popularity has soared because of their great benefits in terms of flexibility, reliability and hard-wearing qualities. Read our article about the history of plantation shutters.

    Are shutters suitable for small windows?

    Yes, shutters can usually be made to fit any size of window, no matter how small.