ShutterWise – a Decade of Light and Style

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We’re raising a glass to celebrate the remarkable journey of ShutterWise as we mark our 10th anniversary!

What began as an idea to brighten homes in South and West London with elegant and practical window solutions has now flourished into a leading shutter installation company.

It’s been a decade of hard work, learning, constant refinement of our processes and continual improvement of our services and product.

And we’ve loved every minute.

ShutterWise has become one of the most highly rated local shutter companies in the area. Let’s take a little stroll down memory lane and remember some of the notable events along the way.

How it started

The seeds of ShutterWise were sown ten years ago in Twickenham. Our founder is Melissa Hawkins, who has lived and worked in the local area all her life. She is an experienced professional in the window industry, was working in the sash window market at that time. Melissa gained valuable knowledge of the local area, it’s residents and communities.

Many happy clients mentioned to her that they were interested in shutters as well as sash windows. She identified that shutters were not just an efficient solution to control light and privacy, but with her eye for interior design and practical living, she realised that shutters could elevate almost any interior.

The demand for plantation style shutters was growing rapidly, because their unique style fits so well with the houses and properties in this area. With that as her inspiration, ShutterWise was born!

The ShutterWise van

How it progressed

During the early days, we experimented with designs, materials and techniques. The goal was to find the perfect combination of quality materials, reliable suppliers and a range of styles that could suit any property. It was also important to offer a range of price points, to ensure that nobody was prevented from having beautiful shutters in their home.

This dedication to quality paid off. ShutterWise soon became synonymous with top-notch craftsmanship and impeccable service.

ShutterWise people

Of course, any business is built on its people. This is especially true with home-service businesses, where customers value tidiness, reliability, politeness and respect for their homes.

It was a stroke of luck to find Alan the Fitter: “the best fitter I have ever worked with”, says Melissa. He has been instrumental in the growth of the business, with customers regularly praising the quality of his work, attention to detail in fitting and finishing.

With this great team in place, news of ShutterWise’s superior service spread quickly, and we started getting great reviews on Checkatrade and Google as well as great positive directly from customers.


Next to the people, it’s the product that is the most important thing. Fortunately, we have been lucky enough to have built an extremely productive relationship with shutter supplier S-craft, who have been in business themselves for over 20 years now. The quality of their product is extremely high, and the consistency of the offering never wavers.

All this has turned ShutterWise into a bustling operation, successfully delivering many new installations every month. Demand has grown year on year, and the dream of building a flourishing shutter company is now a reality, as we are firmly established in the South and West London areas. You might have spotted our vans as they regularly visit houses and properties around the area.

The evolving marketplace

Over the last 10 years, we have seen the shutter installation market getting more and more competitive. It has gone from one or two local companies to a multitude of installers of varying quality. As shutters have become more popular, the whole manufacturing and installation process has become industrialised and mechanised. At ShutterWise we consider this a challenge that we are more than ready to meet.

We wholeheartedly believe in the high quality of our materials and manufacturing, the high quality of the materials/process and finish that we use, the experience we can bring to each project and the skill of installation.


A key ingredient that sets ShutterWise apart from the rest is pursuit of innovation. We are always trying to push boundaries, explore new materials, and evolve the designs we offer. From classic wooden shutters that exude warmth and luxury to sleek modern shutters, our goal is to cater to every taste and style.

We know our customers want the smart home experience, with the luxury and convenience it brings. We are now experimenting with motorised shutters, which allow homeowners to control light and ambiance with the push of a button.

As well as shutters we have also introduced blinds into our offering. We are now seeing smart home and home automation enter the blinds market. These automated blinds that can be controlled from an iPad or tablet, can be timed to open and shut on a schedule or as part of home automation routines. We are simply always trying to adapt our product offering to new things that customers might want.

Shutters on french doors

Happy 10th birthday to us!

As we raise our glasses to toast the success of ShutterWise on its 10th anniversary, we feel incredibly grateful for our journey from small business to prominent local shutter company. Above all we say thankyou to our amazing customers without whom this would not have been possible.

So, here’s to our ten years of growth, and to the next decade of bringing elegance and privacy to the fantastic people of South and West London!